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Principal's Letter

A-B Calendar

Our school operates on a 4 class schedule day. Therefore we have an A day and a B day.
A day=classes 1-4
B day= classes 5-8

District A/B Calendar and School Year Calendar

HMS A/B Calendar

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phone Policy Form for printing

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are asking for your support in avoiding the problems associated with inappropriate use of cell phones at school. Answering calls and sending and receiving texts and photos can take valuable time away from instruction and creates disciplinary problems. Keep in mind that the use of cell phones are not only disruptive in class, they are an inconvenience to teachers and staff who must stop what they are doing to correct the problem.

Cell phone use at school not only causes disruptions but has the potential to create physical and emotional harm to students. Some of the major concerns include but are not limited to:

  • Used to cheat on quizzes and tests
  • Phone theft
  • Text messaging and pictures that contain profanity, intimidation, threats, and sexual harassment. Sending and/or receiving pornography. Taking and sending inappropriate photographs.
  • Calling outside groups or individuals to participate in fights, retaliate, or participate in other inappropriate activities on school grounds or at school related events
  • Refusal to relinquish cell phones to persons of authority upon request

These behaviors may be a violation of the Safe School policy and lead to suspension, expulsion and in some cases, police involvement.

We earnestly want to avoid situations which jeopardize the integrity of the learning environment and create serious problems for our students. To avoid these problems, we simply require students to turn off their cell phones and keep them securely out of sight during school hours.

Phones may be used before school, during lunch and after school only. If a student is in ISS the student phone will be held in the office during that time period.

Cell phones and all electronic devices of any kind are not allowed in the library at any time including before and after school and during lunch.

Students can be contacted if necessary by calling the front office. Students can retrieve voice messages and text before school, lunch and after school. Students can contact their parents on their phones during the day in the office or counseling center with permission.

Confiscated cell phones will be labeled with the student’s name and kept in the front office for six school days and then returned to the student. If a parent or guardian chooses to forego the six day holding period, arrangements with the school administration can be made by parents or guardians to pick up the phone at the front office during school hours. We realize that having to pick up a student’s phone may be inconvenient and therefore we recommend you discuss this policy with your student in order to help us avoid this problem.

Best solution is to not bring your phone or any other electronic device to school at all.

Community Council Form

Community Council Form

Serving on our School Community Council is a wonderful way for parents and teachers to contribute and help improve academic performance at our school.
The school receives an annual dividend from the school land trust. Our council decides how these funds will be used.
The council reviews and prepares other academic plans for our students each year.
All plans are reviewed for final approval by our school community council. Councils also act in an advisory capacity to school and school district administrations.

Dress Code Policy

HMS/HHS Dress Code

Shorts should be no shorter than just above the knee cap (4 inches).
Sleeveless shirts must cover the neck to the outside of shoulder.
Distressed or mutilated pants must show NO flesh above the knee.
Clothes cannot be transparent or display profanity or suggestive slogans.
Hats cannot be worn in the building.
Leggings, spandex, etc. are to be worn with an outer garment covering them.
Piercings, hair color, hair style and overall dress and appearance must not be distractive to the learning environment.
Students in violation of these polices will be sent home. Parents please review the detailed explanation of the district dress code policy (washk12.org)
with your student in order to avoid problems during the school year.

This notice is not all inclusive, we strive for a professional environment for administration and staff, faculty and students.  Thank you for your help.
If you have questions, please call the school. 435-635-4634.

Dress Code Policy Poster

Fee Schedule

Student Fees 2016 - 2017
8th Grade Fees required fees
Student Fees $12.50
Textbook Rental $25.00
Science Fee $10.00
Scheduling Fee $3.00
Art Fee (if enrolled) $12.00
Fine Arts Fee (Jazz, Band, Orch, Choir) $12.50
Guitar Fee (If enrolled) $2.00
9th Grade Fees required fees
Student Fees $25.00
Textbook Rental $30.00
Science Fee $10.00
Scheduling Fee $3.00
Art Fee (if enrolled) $12.00
Utah Writes $6.50
Fine Arts Fee (Jazz, Band, Orch, Choir) $12.50
Guitar Fee (If enrolled) $2.00
Other Costs
If no E-mail Address $5.00
Yearbook-starts at $25.00 increases $1.00 monthly
9th grade-To Kill a Mockingbird book $5.00
PE shirt/shorts/set $6.00-shirt/$10.00-shorts/$15.00-set
Guitar Book $11.00
Orchestra Book $9.00
Orchestra Rental $75.00
Mutes $4.00-Violin/$5.00-Cello/$6.00-Bass
Tuner $18.00
Band Rental $75.00
Percussion Class $5.00
Band Class Percussion Instrument $35.00
FACS/Shop varies-depends on project
Replacement Agenda $5.00
Replacement ID Card $5.00
Class Change  $10.00

Lunch Fees


The application for free or reduced meals needs to be completed online at:
Meal Benefits Application link

This application needs to be completed each year.


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