"Becoming Tigers of
Character and Excellence!"

Student Information

March 20-24


Mon   – Orange Chicken / Brown Rice / Veggies / Fruit Bar / Bug Bites

Tues  – Beef Taco Sticks / Refried Beans / Veggies / Fruit Bar

Wed   – Chicken / Potatoes &Gravy / Corn / Fruit Bar / Roll

Thurs – Chicken Sandwich / Chips / Fruit Bar / Jell-O

Friday- Pepperoni Pizza / Raw Veggies / Fruit Bar ./ Frozen Juice Cup


Mon   – Election Campaigning

Tues  – Campaigning / TAG DSU Baseball / TN @ PVHS

Wed   – Campaigning / TAG Principal / Tutoring

Thurs – Campaigning / TAG Musicain / ETS Mtg / Gof @ Sunbrook / SC w/PVHS / TN w/DHHS

Fri      – Elections / TAG Fire Dept / TR @ PVHS

Sat    – TR @ PVHS / SB w/Panguitch / BB w/ Salem 


Monday thru Thursday is Student Council Campaigning with elections on Friday.  

There are some great presentations this week during TAG. On Tuesday a spokesman for the DSU Baseball team will be here, Wednesday a high school principal, Thursday a musician and Friday a representative from the Hurricane Fire Department.  Agendas need to be stamped in the Counseling Center before school starts that day, for that event.

Keep bringing in those box tops!!! You’ll receive tickets to redeem for prizes at the end of the quarter,

Hurricane High Dance Company Auditions are March 23rd and 24th at HHS at 6:30am. There is a flyer on the office bulletin board.

Hurricane Middle Office

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School Hours

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Class Hours - 8:15 am - 2:37pm
Office Hours - 7:30am - 2:45pm

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