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Dettamanti, Angelie | Math SPED teacher

My Email: angelie.dettamanti@washk12.org

Mrs. Dettamanti graduated from Hurricane High School. She graduated from Southern Utah University with a dual degree in Special Education and History.

She loves the snow and Thai food. Her favorite place is Disneyland and she loves to play outside. 

Fry, Jeff | Math Teacher

My Email: jeffrey.fry@washk12.org

I went to Utah Valley University and received my Associate's Degree through them. I later went to Western Governors University to receive my Bachelor's.

My AS is in University Studies and my BS is in Mathematics Education 5-12 with a level 4 math endorsement. I started teaching in the 2015-2016 school year as an intern, meaning that I did my student teaching in my own classroom and then finished the school year as a teacher. I graduated from WGU in Dec. 2015. I currently am the Math department head at HMS. I received the ETS Recognition of Excellence award for scoring in the top 15% on the Praxis II test for math.
I enjoy soccer a lot. I currently am the Head Coach of the Boy's Soccer program at Hurricane HS. The 2015-2016 school year was my first year as the head coach. When I was in High School trying to figure out what I was going to do as a career, one of my choices was to become a Math teacher and coach soccer. I'm very blessed and grateful to fulfill one of my childhood dreams, and I absolutely love coming to work everyday. It can be tough and trying but I'm always excited to be here and do the things I'm passionate about.
With regards to soccer, I become a United States Soccer Federation referee in 2013. In 2014 I was invited to attend Regional President's Cup in San Jose, California being one of 6 referees from Utah to represent Utah's referees. During this tournament I was selected to go to National President's Cup in Greenville, South Carolina (one of 40 referees across the nation to attend). In 2015 I became part of an elite group in the Utah referee community by becoming a State Level referee (USSF's grade 6), and was the first only that has every had that level in all of Southern Utah. Also, in 2015 I was invited to Regional ODP in Phoenix, Arizona and Regional Championships in Boise, ID. In Boise I was given the honor to referee a finals (Boy's U18 group). During 2015, I became a grade 7 referee instructor. In 2016, I maintained my grade 6 status and was able to referee some PDL matches in Las Vegas, Nevada and began teaching new referees and re-certifying current referees here in Southern Utah.
I served an LDS mission in Peru, the mission since I have served has been split but it was the Lima North mission.
I am an Eagle Scout. And I love bowling! There is nothing quite like the sound of a strike! My highest game was a 232. I joined a summer league in 2008 and my team won! It is a really fun sport.
I love sushi, but unfortunately my wife is not a fan of fish. So I get to have sushi when I'm on referee trips or when it is my birthday. For the general part I love food in general, but my favorite go to snacks are oatmeal cream pies, swiss cake rolls, nachos and salsa, and pepperoni and string cheese. My favorite drink is Root beer (Mug and A & W) and my favorite candy is Sour Patch Kids and candy bar is Baby Ruth.
Something not very many people know, is that I am very handy. I have completely gutted and renovated my first house. And I'm currently working on my second house. I find it frustrating yet exhilarating to demo and build it again the way you want it.
As of late I'm not as adventurous as I imagined I'd be with my little family. If I had a choice of beach or mountains for a place of visit, I'd choose the beach. I'd like to one day own a few wave runners to have fun at the lake. I do like snowboarding but it has been a long time. I've put of these things due to the fact of almost always spending all my free time renovating some project.
I'd love to go back to Peru and visit Machu Picchu and the Amazon jungle again. I'd like to go to Harry Potter world and I wish they would redo the I am number Four movie for a full series and also redo the Eragon movie for its complete book series.
If you like soccer or want to know more about how the Boy's Soccer team is doing follow us at Hurricane High School Boys Soccer on Facebook.

Gubler, Joe | Math Teacher, Learning Coach

My Email: joseph.gubler@washk12.org

Mr. Gubler is a short, geeky, math loving guy who landed the amazing job of teaching math at Hurricane Middle School.  He went to school at HMS for 7th, 8th and 9th grade and had a few of the teachers that still work here.  He loves to watch movies, play video games, eat, sleep and be with his wife and 3 daughters.  Swimming is one of his families main activities.  Mr. Gubler knows that anyone can learn and do all kinds of things that they may think are difficult.  He is confident that he can help anyone learn math if they are willing to try.

Nay, Melissa | Math Teacher, Student Body Advisor

My Email: melissa.nay@washk12.org

Ms. Nay grew up in Hurricane and went to school here at HMS in 2008. She received her Bachelor's degree at Southern Utah University and her Master's degree online through National University.
Her hobbies include reading, playing the viola, hiking and travelling.  Ms. Nay's favorite food is Hot Pot with friends, and her favorite place in the world is the balcony of our family cabin on Kolob Mountain. I one day hope to visit New Zealand and tour the Shire movie set from The Hobbit.

Stevens, Rebecca | Math

My Email: rebecca.stevens@washk12.org

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