Special Education

Healey, Jarom | Science SPED Teacher

My Email: jarom.healey@washk12.org

Sawyer, Debbie | Language Arts SPED Teacher

My Email: debbie.sawyer@washk12.org

Mrs. Sawyer hasn't eaten sugar (no candy, cereal, dessert, etc.), bread, rice, tortillas (anything gluten), dairy, soy, tomatoes, in a year. It's a major accomplishment for her!  

She is addicted to Word Crack, making lists, and wishes she could have her own Noredink and Utahcompose accounts just for fun. Mrs. Sawyer was able to type 117 words per minute by the time she finished 9th grade.  
She is an alternative 80's music junkie.  She desperately want to try hang gliding, but is terrified of heights.  She thinks all movies should have Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in them.  She also keeps an ongoing list of famous people who are left-handed like her.

Hawkins, Erica | Math teacher

My Email: erica.hawkins@washk12.org

Hurricane Middle Contact

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