SLT Meeting March 31, 2016

SLT Meeting held March 31, 2016 2:45 pm in the conference room at HMS.

Mr. Barney spoke about the importance of PLC collaboration for teachers; TAG Time benefits of helping students; and having a good aide to help students.

The budget for next year was discussed and upon approval will be posted.

The math department implemented a new grading scale which is based upon the student knowledge and not on the amount of work accomplished. A couple of the parents mentioned how their student did not like the program at first (change can be difficult) but has since declared that the system works better and the student likes it much better.

It was suggested that with the aide working out so well for struggling students that funding be provided to add more time for the aide or more aides be provided to assist teachers with teaching students.

Funding will be provided for a small stipend to assist teachers with collaboration during the summer.

Funding for the counseling can be discontinued since the district will be funding the cost this year. The Chinese program will be structured for beginning students and those that will be coming from the Chinese immersion program from the lower grades. The Chinese teacher will also be teaching at the intermediate school next year as well as the high school and middle school.

It was suggested that during a TAG Time a class could be taught to students on how to tutor other students.

Credit recovery has been successful this year.

Learning intervention classes such as Math counts and the Science Olympiad were successful this year. A new class, Lego Robotics, was added this year as well. Funding will be provided to help these classes with continued success and add other classes as needed/desired.

The character education program and the night of excellence will have some funding provided to recognize the successes of students.

Leftover money has been approved to purchase 14 Chromebooks with licenses for student/classroom use.

It was suggested to have a “Dad’s night” to help increase parental support. One of the members said they saw this at another school and the rate of parental support did increase and was good for the students.

Those in attendance:

Jan Goodwin
Robbie Elison
Joe Gubler
Sandy Barrett
Elaine Hicken
Dustin Dayley
Angie Erickson
Amy Mangelson
Leslie Reeve
Andra Kochel
Melissa Rogers 

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