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CC Jan 17, 2023 minutes

School Land Trust/Community Council Meeting

January 17th 2023


Those in attendance:

Martha Gubler

Angie Prince

Sheri Beatty

Ray Wright

Jeff Madsen

Toni Imlay (Chair)

Shaun Jaggi (Principal)

Cody Olsen (Staff Developer)

Melissa Wadsworth (Counselor)

Jamison Sorenson (Teacher)

 Paula Beatty (Secretary)


 Jamison Sorenson went over our school data and compared our data to what the district projected us to be. Our school scores were above where the district wanted us to be.

Next meeting: we will focus on where to put the money we get from SLT, and how it can be put to the best use. We want to discuss possible ways to reduce class sizes and ways we might be able to improve our math scores.

Next meeting will be February 21st, 2023