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Dec 6, 2022 CC

Hurricane Middle School
Community Council 2022-2023
Date: 12/6/2022
Time: 1:00
Place: Conference Room


  1. Community Council Norms
  • Focus on improving issues rather than complaining about them.
  • Follow the agenda and stay focused on the topics at hand.
  • Open minded opinions and conversations without dominated discussions.
  • Start meeting on time with intent on one hour or less meetings.


  1. Digital Citizenship Requirements

Technology and it use

-Be Safe (Safety and Security)

-Responsibility of CC. Legislative Decision.

-Firewalls. Impero

-Watch Video. 70/30 Rule. 4-5 min. vid.

  •  HMS Device Policy

-District Policy 3700

-HMS Handbook


  1. Data Review


  1. 2023-2024 Plan
  • This Year’s Plan
  • January, February we design/make plan