Ballard, Jody | Finance Secretary

My Email: jody.ballard@washk12.org

Mrs. Ballard moved to Hurricane in 5th grade and is a proud graduate of Hurricane High School. She attended Utah State University for a year. 

She loves to go 4-wheeling because there is a definite "need for speed!", Zumba and Ujam, family history and genealogy, concerts, but most of all spending time with my grandkids and supporting them in whatever they are doing. She also enjoys going to the Beach and just sitting there watching the waves and the people!! The sound of the water is so relaxing. 
She also enjoyed driving from Hurricane to Georgia and back (different routes each way) with no reservations or schedules to worry about. All the awesome places to see ! She also enjoyed the Washington DC area when she visited there. 
One item on Mrs. Ballard's bucket list is she would really like to do is to go to the Grande Ole' Opera and watch one of her favorite country singers. I'd also like to go back East again and see more things we missed while out there.
Her favorite foods are smoked ribs and a juicy burger with swiss cheese and sauteed  mushrooms and onions.  
She loves working at Hurricane Middle School.  Everyday is different and the kids make it worth coming to work each day.

Barrett, Sandy | Library Media Specialist

My Email: sandy.barrett@washk12.org

Beatty, Paula | Attendance Secretary

My Email: paula.beatty@washk12.org

Mrs. Beatty was born in Hurricane and moved to the big city of Laverkin, where she has lived all her life. “And that’s a long time,” she says. With a little persuasion she talked her husband, Alan, into moving, to and raising their six children in Laverkin. She is excited to have 20 grandchildren and will be a great grandparent in August.

Mrs. Beatty graduated from Evans hair school when she was 41 years old. Not that it took her 22 years to graduate, but she was 40 when she decided to go to hair school. This allowed her to stay at home and still work. She enjoys school.

One interesting thing is that some of our students belong to parents that she went to school with.

Probably her most favorite food is ice cream; and most all other desserts. There are lots of places she would like to visit. One of them would be the Washington DC area.

Some of the things that she really enjoys doing are biking, running, sewing and being with her grandchildren. Last year she did a 60 mile bike ride and wants to do a 100 miler. She says, “It was a fun experience.” She enjoys life and people. That is one reason she likes working at Hurricane Middle School, lots of people that are full of life.

Bracken, Patty | Library Media Aide

My Email: patty.bracken@washk12.org

Mrs. Bracken enjoys her job as a media aid in the Hurricane Middle School library.  She graduated from Brigham Young University.  She enjoys reading in my free time and she enjoys helping students and teachers choose books they may want to read in their free time.

Bringhurst, Kelli | Family & Consumer Science Teacher, Learning Coach

My Email: kelli.bringhurst@washk12.org

Mrs. Bringhurst graduated with a Bachelors of Science from Southern Utah University. Her degree is in Family and Consumer Science with an emphasis in Food Science and Nutrition. Mrs. Bringhurst loves spending time with her family, attending sporting events, and traveling. She enjoys being creative and helping people! Her travel bucket list includes: Great Britain, Australia, France and the Mediterranean. 

Mrs. Bringhurst website is facswithmrsb.weebly.com

Houston, Tera | Counselor A-L

My Email: tera.houston@washk12.org

Johnson, Pam | Kitchen Manager

My Email: pam.johnson@washk12.org

Poulson, Brandy | Learning Center

My Email: brandy.poulson@wahsk12.org

Prince, Broc | Head Custodian

My Email: broc.prince@washk12.org

Kroff, Steve | Counselor

My Email: steve.kroff@washk12.org

Rotert, Tony | Cone Site Technology Specialist

My Email: tony.rotert@washk12.org

Ryman, Jennie | Computer Lab Aide

My Email: jennie.ryman@washk12.org

Tuttle, Lyla | Registrar/Student Services Secretary

My Email: lyla.tuttle@washk12.org

Lyla graduated from San Manuel High School in San Manuel, Arizona,  45 miles NE of Tucson Arizona. She moved to SLC five days after graduation to learn to snow ski; she didn’t like it, nor did she like the snow or the cold. Lyla moved back home to unthaw,  where she worked in the school Library at Mammoth Elementary until she received a phone call from a friend about  a job that was available in the Department of Agriculture in SLC. She applied and was hired and she spent eight years as the Brand Recorder.  Lyla was in charge of registering all the cattle, horse and sheep brands used in the state of Utah.  She attended classes at LDS Business College and Salt Lake Community College pertaining to her job requirements.

Lyla Gibbons married Alan Tuttle in 1977, and they moved to Ephraim, Utah. Lyla worked for the State Library commission as the secretary to the Bookmobile Librarian in Central Utah.  She lasted three years in the snow then they moved to Phoenix, AZ.  She worked for the Glendale School District lunch program for seven years until they decided to  get closer to family but not in the snow.  Their family landed in LaVerkin July 1990, and she began working for HMS  in January of 1991  with Principal Jim McKim and she has been here ever since.

Lyla loves to do Jigsaw puzzles and watch movies.

Her favorite foods are steak & seafood (Lobster and Shrimp)

She loves Yellowstone National Park. She also loves to see and play with her grandchildren. All but one live far away from her so she only get to see them maybe twice a year.

She would like to go on an Alaskan Cruise but does’t see it in the near future. She does not tweet or facebook but she has finally learned to text. She considers herself somewhat technologically challenged.

The offices  she worked in -back in the good ole days- did not have computers , Xerox or copy machines, fax machines, or overhead projectors.   She used carbon paper when typing duplicates, or a ditto master.  She says, “WOW how the business world has changed.”

Wadsworth, Melissa | Counselor

My Email: melissa.wadsworth@washk12.org

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